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Mediating Works delivers a range of high quality counselling, mediation and farm succession planning services to individuals and organisations in rural and regional Victoria and New South Wales.

Established in 2005, the service focuses on providing skilled mediation to assist individuals and groups in dispute resolution. There are also counselling services which provide a supportive follow up to mediation if this is required. Mediating Works assists with meeting facilitation to assist farming groups with intergenerational farm succession planning.

Mediating Works operates its services using the concepts of Harvard University’s theory of principled negotiation. The principal of Mediating Works is Gregory Dale who is a registered psychologist. Gregory has offered counselling services for over 29 years and more recently he has been a registered psychologist in Wodonga since 2001. He has an interest in assisting individuals and groups in finding solutions to disputes and to skill them through the process. The goal of Mediating Works is to:

  • Effectively manage the process of dispute resolution
  • Provide clients with transferable negotiation and communication skills
  • Help clients to prevent further conflicts from emerging
  • Assist groups in farm succession planning

Mediating Works

Mediating Works offers its clients;

  • A recognised and effective theoretical model of negotiation
  • A skilled method of managing the mediation process
  • An initial free no obligation assessment consultation to establish the suitability of mediation and obtain an estimate of the time necessary to conduct the mediation
  • A commitment to high standards

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