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What makes Mediating Works different?

There are a number of features that make Mediating Works distinctive in the field of mediation:

  • A mediation practice which is founded in a proven theory
  • Skilled mediators with expertise in negotiation theory and psychology
  • Mediators skilled in analysing group and organisational dynamics
  • A model of service delivery which is brief, quantifiable and solution focused
  • Counselling services for follow up support if needed
  • A model of negotiation and mediation which prioritises the preservation of relationships
  • Emphasis given to ethical practice
  • Training services as an alternative to mediation or follow up to mediation
  • Rurally based service with an understanding of rural issues

Mediating Works has delivered a wide range of workplace mediations to clients including:

  • Government departments and agencies
  • Health services
  • Education institutions
  • Defence and security agency contractors
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Small businesses and individuals

Gregory Dale

Gregory Dale - Registered Psychologist

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